Frequently asked questions


What are the benefits of using Devello?

Devello is creating a simple yet effective way for hotels to hail taxis in any weather or traffic conditions.

What are the requirements to become a driver?

To become a driver you must attain a TLC license and have a valid state driver’s license.

Where can I apply?

 Download our free app in the App Store or Google Play Store. There are no hidden fees or maintenance costs!

What kind of cars can I drive with?

You can drive with any cars that are available as valid NYC Taxis.

Where is considered "Out of City"?

Any location outside Manhattan will be considered out of the city.

What happens when passengers change their destination?

Once the passenger is safely inside the cab, the destination is between the driver and the passenger. 

Is there a maximum amount of time I can use Devello per day?

Devello's goal is to transform transportation and bring back business to the iconic yellow cab. In order to do so, we set no limits for either the Driver App or Hotel App.

What happens if a customer is taking too long to reach my cab? Is there a waiting fee?

No fee other than the driver's fees are charged to the passenger. 

What happens if the passenger doesn't pay?

Devello's transactions are with the driver. The passenger's ability to pay is their responsibility.

What is the lost and found policy?

Drivers using Devello are independent contractors. With this being said, neither Devello nor the Driver are responsible for any items left in the vehicle after the trip has ended. We are willing to help but cannot guarantee the recovery of a lost item. 

What precautions should be taken if involved in an accident?

Devello takes safety very seriously but is not liable for any damages. If you have been involved in an accident, call the police and/or the paramedics as soon as possible.