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The innovative and user-friendly platform for hotels to hail a Yellow-Cab for their guests.

With a completely seamless interface, our app allows hotels to hail cabs for their guests as easy as 1-2-3, because if it's Devello, then it's simple.


Questions for You

Has a team member of yours ever received hotel guests asking for a taxi cab in the middle of a heat wave, rainstorm, or snow storm and still had to go to the streets to hail it? 

Or have they ever tried to hail a taxi in a perfectly nice weather and still waited a long time before getting one? 

Well, we know it's a yes for both questions because this is New York City. However, we also know that with Devello they will not have to experience these situations ever again!

With Devello You Get:

Modern Ride Hailing Service

Easy yellow taxi hailing under any weather condition with the touch of a button.

Multiple Custom Tailored Ride Requests

Have multiple guests needing cabs? No problem. Request them one-by-one, input the different guest requirements (such as amount of people, bags and drop-off location), and track all arriving cabs at the same time!

Driver's Information

Driver's name, head shot, phone number, and medallion number available on your device from the moment the cab is ordered to the moment your guest is dropped off.

Live Tracking

Track your arriving cabs and ongoing rides at all times.

Confirmation of Arrival

Always know when your guest arrived to the drop-off point.

Ride Cancellation

Cancel your guest's ride at anytime at no additional cost to your hotel or your guest.

Ride History Log

Have available a log of all previous rides you have ordered for your guests.

Integrated Support System

 Submit any inquiries to our team at anytime and receive an answer within 48 hours. 

Doorman Compensation

 Have your team member in charge of hailing cabs for your valued guests earn 10% of the ride referral fees they give to us! For each ride, Devello charges the taxi driver a fee and for each ride your team member requests, they will earn back 10% of that same fee! 

Free of Cost Service

 Download our free app online and that is it! There are no hidden fees or maintenance costs for our service. 

Our Concept


User-Friendly App

Hotel front desk calling a yellow cab

Devello is completely seamless with an interface easy for anyone in your team to use.

Convenient Methodology

Yellow taxi on the way to pick up a passenger

 The closest yellow cab is a tap away! Your hotel guests will only have to wait a few minutes before being on the go.

Giving Back

Person with credit card on hand

At the end of each month, Devello will give back to your doorman 10% of the referral fees they provided us.

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